My LA has given my son something that’s not a legal EHCP!

Parent's Question to EHCP Transfer Clinic

My son is in year 9 and has an IPRA that his SENCo has tried and failed to get converted to EHCP.

Current provision is 15 hours per week support (£11000) that they are seeking to increase because of year 10 and GCSE exams etc. Yet to hear back from the local authority about this however I know that support up to 25 is critical for my son. What would be my next step or should I just wait for the LEA to account for their decision, then do something?

Marguerite replies

Marguerite answers

Thank you for the question. I have investigated this document the “IPRA”.  The local authority issued this document instead of Statement. It has no legal status and will remain in place while the young person is in education. Do not accept it.

I urge you to submit a request for an EHC assessment immediately. You may find the flowchart,  “The new SEND system Flow Chart 2: Requesting an Education, Health & Care Assessment “on SNJ helpful. You can also receive support from your local Independent Supporter and IPSEA provide guidance on “Asking for an EHC needs assessment.”

If the local authority refuses to assess, IPSEA provides a refusal to assess resource pack on their SEND Tribunal Resources page. 

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